In seek of a little wanderlust: Perhentian island, Malaysia

Here's another beach indulgence following our Koh Samui journey to finally fulfil our 'Vitamin Sea' intakes. This time, it's my long desired destination right here in Malaysia, Perhentian island. Spontaneous trips are usually the most remarkable ones and our adventure to this down to earth beach is the best example. Perhentian island still leaves me dwelling upon the sight of the white sand beach, [...]


Travelogue: A sneak peek of Siem Reap, Cambodia

The sun started to coat everything in gold, and lay ahead of me was the enormous structure of the ancient Khmer Empire’s pride, Angkor Wat. A sudden gust of wind came sweeping a layer of dust off the surface, creating a mysterious scene to the monument as I strolled along its stone pavement. There are [...]